What to visit in the Reims area?

Are you wondering what to visit in the Reims area? If you are planning on visiting the city and its surroundings, you should know that there are many tourist destinations. First, this city of kings has much to offer as far as history is concerned with its Cathedral, the Palace of Tau and many museums. Then, every year, many visitors come to Reims to discover the Champagne cellars: Vranken-Pommery, Mumm or even Taittinger to name but a few. What is more, Reims is a lively city offering quite a choice of events all year around.

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1. Visiting a Champagne cellar

What is there to visit in the Reims area? The famous Champagne cellars of course! Each year visitors from France and abroad come to discover the widely renowned Champagne cellars and their secrets. In Reims, you will find several of them, the most iconic ones being Vranken-Pommery, Mumm or even Taittinger.

While visiting a Champagne cellar, the leading activities will be learning how Champagne is made and of course tasting some.

2. The Cathedral

First of all, Reims is the city of kings. As a quick reminder, starting in the Carolingian era, many French kings were crowned in Reims Cathedral. It was the case for Louis XIV, Francis I or even Saint Louis. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this colossal Cathedral is steeped in history. The Cathedral is an example of gothic architecture. It is 150-meter long, 48-meter wide and 83-meter high. Its nave is over 38-meter high. Apart from its dimensions, “Notre-Dame de Reims” Cathedral features over 2,300 statues, some of which over 4.5-meter high.

Of course, it is possible to enter it but also to climb up its tower to enjoy a breathtaking panorama.

3. The Palace of Tau

Close to the Cathedral is the Palace of Tau, another building steeped in history and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The archbishops of Reims used to live in the Palace of Tau. Today, it is a museum displaying treasures from the Cathedral. Among other things, you will be able to admire Charlemagne’s talisman, Saint-Remi’s chalice, the coat Charles X was wearing for his coronation or even the Saint Ampulla.

4. The automobile museum

What is there to visit in the Reims area? If you like cars, you must absolutely make a stop at the automobile museum. Even if you aren’t a car lover, you will certainly have a great time there. You will discover old cars but also motorbikes. To be more specific, the museum displays more than 230 old models.

5. The museum of fine arts

Are you an art lover wondering what to do in the Reims area? We strongly advise you to visit the museum of fine arts. Located near the Cathedral of Reims, this museum is home to an amazing collection of paintings. All in all, it holds more than 230 pieces from the Renaissance to Impressionism including Art Deco. Reading the role by Renoir, The Rocks at Belle-Ile by Claude Monet or even Still life with apples by Paul Gauguin are among the main exhibited works.

What to visit in the Reims area?

6. The “Parc de Champagne”

What is there to visit in the Reims area? Should you wish to spend time outdoors, you can then go the “Parc de Champagne”. This is the ideal place to go for a walk in an ever so green setting. Created in 1907 at the marquis Melchior de Polignac’s request, it now covers around 22 hectares and offers various facilities: two basketball fields, various kid playgrounds, a fitness area and even two ping-pong tables.

7. Reims planetarium

Are you curious about stars, the solar system and our universe? Then you will love Reims’s planetarium. Suited for both children and adults, the planetarium offers a museum but also screenings on different themes. Among these feature “this night under the stars”, “at the scale of the universe” or even “latest news from the planets”. Group screenings can be booked since the planetarium can host up to 48 people. This is an option to keep in mind if you are looking for something fun to visit in the area.

8. Epernay: the capital of champagne

As you probably know, Epernay is the capital of champagne. This city is indeed home to many famous Champagne cellars such as Moët & Chandon, Mercier, de Venoge or de Castellane. Some of them are located on the famous Avenue de Champagne, a place as impressive as it is unique.

If you are wondering what to do in the Reims area, then you should definitely put Epernay on your list. Spare a moment to walk along the famous Avenue de Champagne. And of course, a cellar visit while tasting champagne in Épernay with a guide is a must.

If you want to know more, our article on “Tourism in Épernay: the must-sees” will introduce you to the different unique places in the capital of Champagne.

9. Verzenay lighthouse

Despite not being near the sea, the Champagne area boasts an impressive lighthouse: Verzenay Lighthouse. This famous place is well worth a visit.

Did you know that Verzenay Lighthouse was built at the beginning of the 20th century by Joseph Goulet for advertising purposes only? At that time, the lighthouse was lit at night to attract customers to the restaurant and guinguette established next to it. It was later abandoned but is now enjoying a second life thanks to the municipality of Verzenay, which bought it in 1987. Currently, this lighthouse is the location of an ecomuseum where you’ll learn fascinating insights about champagne.

What’s there to do in the Reims area? Without a doubt, Verzenay Lighthouse and its ecomuseum deserve your attention!

10. Hautvillers: the cradle of champagne

What is there to do in the Reims area? We can add Hautvillers to the list of places to see.

You should know that Hautvillers is considered the cradle of champagne. More precisely, Hautvillers is the village where the Benedictine monk Dom Pierre Pérignon lived; he is widely recognized as the brilliant inventor of champagne.

Visiting Hautvillers is a way to go back to the origins of champagne. It is also simply impossible for you to feel indifferent about this typical Champagne village. Moreover, you will be able to proceed to the tasting of champagne at the departure of Orly to finish your visit on a sparkling touch.

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What else is there to see in the Reims area?

Apart from all this, there are many more tourist destinations in Reims. If you are wondering what to visit in the Reims area, there is the Carnegie library which is worth going out of your way. Located a stone’s throw from the Cathedral, its Art Deco style will surprise you. Saint-Clothilde Basilica, the Foujita Chapel, the Villa Demoiselle, Mars gate, Saint-Remi museum, Le Vergeur hotel-museum or even the Gallo-Roman cryptoporticus are among the sites to see in Reims. And don’t forget Epernay!

Visiting with Sparkling Tour

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You should know that it is possible to visit not only Reims but also its surroundings should you wish to do so! Epernay and its famous Avenue de Champagne are among the suggestions we can make. We are also referring to Verzenay lighthouse or even Hautvillers, Dom Perignon’s hometown. See small groups here.

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