Reims Champagne tasting

Reims Champagne Tasting

Reims Champagne Tasting? If you wish to do a Champagne tasting in Reims, Sparkling Tour is there for you. Among a wide variety of wine-makers, our wine tourism agency has selected those who will delight your taste-buds. The tour will give you the opportunity to discover vineyards and meet producers and you will get the chance to talk with them about their work and also to taste glasses of delicious Champagne. You’ll have the opportunity to share a pleasant moment with family or friends and enjoy Reims Champagne tasting while accompanied by a guide. We carefully select Champagne products produced by notable private winemakers, not the most widely-known Champagne cellars ensuring you will discover new products. Sparkling Tour is your passport to quality globally-unique Champagnes. So, why wait any longer? Contact us through our website or by phone.


Champagne is a noble wine world-renowned for its inimitable refinement. During your guided tour, you will have plenty of time to observe all the unique proprieties of this wine for yourself when tasting Reims Champagne. It is estimated that a bottle is being opened every two seconds somewhere in the world. Despite its global popularity, Champagne hasn’t lost any of its charm. Its unique proprieties are due to the very specific soil composition of the Champagne area and the Champagne tradition.

This tradition has been passed on from generation to generation and constantly perfected in the process. That is why today it can offer a unique product synonymous with luxury and celebration. Champagne enthusiasm can be explained by the incredible complexity of this wine – from its production method to the different possible varieties, the slightest aspect is technical by nature. On average, a glass of Champagne contains one million bubbles. Throughout your Reims Champagne tasting, you will have the opportunity to discover all the specificities as well as the unique taste of this wine.

Reims Champagne Tasting: Convivial Times

Your guided tour will give you the opportunity to share a unique moment while tasting Reims Champagne. You will learn more about the Champagne tradition and its production process while having a drink with your fellow attendees. What’s more, your guide has been in charge of client services for two widely-known Champagne cellars. Sparkling Tour therefore guarantees you extraordinary Reims Champagne tasting with a skilled and experienced guide who places conviviality at the centre of the experience. For you comfort, your guide is at your disposal and offers to collect you from your hotel or at the train station with their minivan. They will also drive you back if needed. Sparkling Tour has designed your dream Reims Champagne tasting.

Reims Champagne tasting will be the opportunity to talk with producers. They will share their passion for Champagne with you. Being in direct contact with winemakers rather than the most widely-known Champagne cellars offers several advantages. First, winemakers will have more time to dedicate to you and will truly listen to what you have to say. Then, in most cases, they are directly handling the wine-making from start to finish. You will then be able to ask questions to these peerless connoisseurs who master all there is to know about the Champagne tradition. This Reims Champagne tasting offers a privileged discussion with producers which is not possible with the most widely-known Champagne cellars. Indeed, the latter use such a structured process in which tasks are divided between employees that speaking to a chosen intermediary is difficult.


Reims Champagne Tasting

Discovering Champagne

All along your Reims Champagne tasting, you will learn more about this product and taste very different Champagnes. Champagne is a universe which holds a wide range of flavors, colors and varieties. You will be given the opportunity to try different grape varieties: Chardonnay, Blanc de Blancs, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier or Blanc de Noirs. Your Reims Champagne tasting will also allow you to taste vintage Champagnes. You will perfect your knowledge of dosage, on how to produce extra-brut, brut, extra-dry, dry and semi-dry. The flavor of Champagne changes drastically according to the amount of dosage-liquor.

Your Reims Champagne tasting will allow you to personally experience all these nuances. Sparkling Tour offers you the opportunity to taste six to ten glasses of Champagne throughout your private tour. You will also have the chance to learn more about Champagne history and to visit historical places such as the Saint-Pierre d’Hautvillers abbey. You are about to experience something unique and discover the richness of Champagne through this Reims Champagne tasting.

Private or Semiprivate Tours

Want to experience the Reims Champagne tasting with friends or family and discover the nearby area? Then select the semi-private option: a maximum of eight people can get on board the minivan with the guide for an amazing tour! You will enjoy a memorable tour of the vineyards and spend a delightful moment with your relatives. What’s better than a pleasant educative trip with delicious Reims Champagne tasting to spend a great day with your family?

Otherwise, you can choose the private option for an even more exclusive experience. This will be your opportunity to go on a tour as a couple accompanied by your guide to offer your partner a unique Reims Champagne tasting. No doubt your present will surprise and delight! Relaxing moments with a glass of Champagne will be combined with nice walks in the vineyards. If you opt for a full-day discovery tour, you will even be able to enjoy a gastronomic meal including starters, main course, dessert, coffee and a Reims Champagne tasting. You will see breathtaking unobstructed views of verdant Champagne landscapes. Reims Champagne tasting guarantees an unforgettable experience.

Book the Option of Your Choice

Book your Reims Champagne tasting directly through our website or by phone. You can choose among various options: the Half-Day Discovery Tour and the Full-Day Discovery Tour. The first offers a four-hour excursion which can start either at 9 a.m. or 2 p.m. It will give you the opportunity to discover the Saint-Pierre d’Hautvillers abbey and meet two different wine-makers. The first will offer Premier Cru Champagne and the second Grands Crus. Your Reims Champagne tasting guarantees six glasses of Champagne.

By choosing the Full-Day Discovery Tour your experience will be heightened. First, the excursion will last eight and a half hours instead of four. There will be additional Reims Champagne tasting with a Grand Cru producer. And this option also includes a gastronomic meal served with a glass of Champagne. You will hence be granted access to ten different glasses of Champagne. Upon completion of the tour, your guide will be available to drop you at your hotel or at the train station to end this full Reims Champagne tasting day on a high note.

You’ve made your choice? Don’t wait any longer to book your guided tour!