Tasting champagne in Épernay with a guide

Are you quite the champagne lover? Do you want to experience something unique? Then you should definitely consider tasting champagne in Épernay with a guide. It will decidedly be an unforgettable experience.

Épernay in the heart of the Champagne area

Épernay is a small town located in France, in the heart of the Champagne area. This city is famous for its champagne cellars and considered the capital of champagne. Tasting champagne in Épernay with a guide is an incredible experience. That will allow you to discover the Champagne area with family or friends and the history, culture and tradition of its famous sparkling wine, while tasting some of the best champagnes in the world.

Guided Tours in the Champagne area

Sparkling Tour is a company that specializes in champagne cellar tours. The company offers a variety of tours, including tasting tours in Épernay. The Épernay tasting tour lasts for around two hours where you will explore the city, its most famous champagne cellars, and also cellars owned by extraordinary small winemakers. It is led by an expert guide who has in-depth knowledge of the history and culture of champagne.

Tasting champagne in Épernay with a guide

Your tour in Épernay

The Épernay tasting tour begins with a visit to the city itself. Our guide will take you through picturesque streets and explain the history of the city and how it became the capital of champagne. You will also visit the famous Avenue de Champagne, which is one of the most beautiful avenues in the world, and where you will admire some of the most acclaimed champagne houses in the area.

The tour will then continue to a local champagne cellar. There you will visit the cellars where champagne is stored and aged. Among the insights shared by your guide will be an explanation of the entire champagne production process. This will include the work of the vineyard before the bottling process.

Tasting champagne from small winemakers

Many small family-owned winemakers produce high-quality artisanal champagnes. If you’re looking for an authentic and intimate experience, tasting champagne at these small producers is a great option.

Visiting the Small Producers in the Champagne Area ? On its website, Sparkling Tour offers a selection of guided tours in Épernay. This is an opportunity to learn about the different grape varieties used in champagne production as well as winemaking methods. Cellar and vineyard visits are also included, allowing visitors to discover the unique terroir proper to this area.

The tasting is the highlight of your private visit in the Champagne area: you’ll be treated to several types of champagnes. Champagne brut réserve, champagne zéro dosage (no addition of sugar just after disgorging), champagne rosé de saignée (a short maceration of the juices with the red skins grapes until the desired color is obtained) or rosé d’assemblage (result of a blend), champagne aged in oak barrels, champagne blanc de blancs, champagne blanc de noirs, champagne from a single grape… Quite the list, as you can see!

Small producers are proud of their artisanal champagnes and are happy to share their passion with visitors. Ask Sparkling Tour for further information.