Visiting Champagne producers and cellars

Visiting Champagne producers and cellars in Reims or Epernay? In this case, do note that Sparkling Tour offers its services in the matter. Specialized in tourism and oenotourism, we offer different options. For example, we can suggest a half-day tour which includes visiting Hautvillers, two producers and tasting 6 types of Champagne. Otherwise, you can opt for the full-day discovery tour. And, if you prefer so, we do design tailor-made private tours. Whatever you wish for in terms of Champagne producer and cellar tours, do not hesitate to contact us!

Discover the Champagne vineyards on board a minivan

Sparkling Tour offers a visit of Champagne producers and cellars on board a minivan. With an 8 people capacity, such a vehicle offers excellent comfort. Please note that we can pick you up at Reims train station or your hotel and take you back there at the end of the tour which will prove convenient. What is more, you can get a semi-private or fully private tour of Champagne producers and cellars. Finally, please know that we can adapt if you are over 8 people.

Do not hesitate to contact our team for any request!

Visiting Champagne producers and cellars

Visiting Champagne producers and cellars: different options

You can choose among various possibilities regarding your visit of Champagne producers and cellars in Reims or Epernay. First, the half-day option, then the full-day option. But Sparkling Tour also offers a fully customizable tailor-made visit.

The half-day semi-private visit

If you select the first option, your Champagne producer and cellar visit can take place during half a day, either in the morning or the afternoon. In any case, the itinerary will start with a stop in Dom Perignon’s village, namely Hautvillers. Then we will visit the first producer, you learn more about the work of the vineyard, how Champagne is made and taste 3 glasses. After that, we will go to the second producer – specializing in Grand Cru – where you will be able to taste three other types of Champagne. Please note that this Champagne producer and cellar visit is usually offered in English.

Full-day semi-private visit

As an alternative, you can also dedicate a full day to your Champagne producer and cellar tour. The full-day discovery tour will start at 9.50 a.m. and end at 6 p.m. Hautvillers will be the first stop and the opportunity for you to discover the home village to the famous Dom Perignon. Then, you will visit the Premier Cru vineyard. Once on site, you will be initiated to the secrets of Champagne or, more specifically, to its making. Obviously, a tasting will be offered by this first producer.

We will then have lunch in a renowned restaurant where you will have the opportunity to enjoy a sophisticated menu. Once the meal is over, we will carry on with the visit of two Grand Cru producers. Each visit will be an opportunity to taste three different types of Champagne. At the end of the day, you would have been served 9 types of Champagne.

You want to make a champagne tasting day in Reims with departure from Paris? Our agency will be happy to design a tailor-made program for you! Do not hesitate to contact us!

The tailor-made private tour

Would you prefer greater privacy to take your Champagne producer and cellar tour? Then, the tailor-made private option is meant for you! In this case, our private driver and minivan will be at your disposal to take you wherever you want. Please note that you can take the suggested half-day or full-day tour privately. Regardless, you can also design a fully tailor-made itinerary. For example, the widely renown cellars such as Pommery, G.H. Mumm or Moët & Chandon can be a part of it. These are only suggestions. You will be free to tell us where you please to go and your driver will take you to our Reims Champagne Tasting!

Please note that this option can also include taking you to places of interest in the Champagne area with our guided tour.

Make a detour to see tourist landmarks

As previously mentioned, your Champagne producer and cellar tour can be completed with visits of the most tourist places in the area. This can include the Cathedral of Reims, the Palace of Tau, Vernezay lighthouse, the Porte de Mars and others. You will then be able to design your itinerary as you wish. In addition to taking you everywhere, your private driver will also act as a guide to disclosing the secrets and history of this beautiful area.

Buying bottles from each winemaker

You should know that visiting Champagne producers and cellars can be an opportunity to buy one or several bottles directly produced at the vineyard. If you were charmed by a Champagne while tasting it, you will have the opportunity to buy one or several bottles of it. You will be able to take Champagne rosé, Blanc de Blancs or any other type back home with you. Are you a Parisian? This is a perfect alternative to a Champagne tasting in Paris!

A unique and original oenotourist experience

Whatever the chosen option, you will treasure the memories created during your Champagne producer and cellar tour. Our team will do everything it can to offer you a pleasant moment in its company. What is more, if you select the suggested itineraries, you will notice their uniqueness and will most definitely enjoy them. For that matter, all our customers are posting dazzling testimonials after their Champagne producer and cellar tour. With that in mind, calling on Sparkling Tour is a safe choice for your Wine Tour!

Do you want to book your first Champagne producer and cellar tour? Do you have any questions regarding our options before making up your mind? In any case, do not hesitate for a second to contact our team. We will gladly answer shortly!



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