Wine Tour in the Champagne Area

Wine Tour in the Champagne Area

Wine Tour in the Champagne Area? It may sometimes prove very difficult for a Champagne wine tourism lover to know which winemakers they should turn to. Indeed, there is a multitude of well-known Champagne cellars and winemakers. In order to follow your dream Champagne wine tourism route, Sparkling Tour offers you private visits with selected winemakers. These visits will give you the opportunity to discover the Champagne area as well as its flagship beverage. In the course of these excursions, you will be accompanied by a guide who is very familiar with the area and its producers. You will get to taste high-quality Champagnes. This way, Sparkling Tour makes sure you will enjoy an unforgettable time and enriching experience. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or through our website to book your Champagne tour.


Wine Tour in the Champagne Area: Meeting the Winemakers

On your Champagne wine tour, Sparkling Tour offers you to opportunity to meet two to three winemakers according to the option of your choosing. Winemakers are different from the most widely-known Champagne cellars. The former are often less renowned than the latter since their vineyards – and hence their production – tend to be smaller. Nevertheless, winemakers are more likely to control production from start to finish that is why it seems more interesting to introduce you to passionate available winemakers rather than widely-known cellars. Throughout your Wine Tour in the Champagne Area, you will discover and taste many truly delicious Champagnes from selected vineyards.


Reims – Epernay : Great Cultural Richness

In addition to the interest raised by Champagne wine tourism, the area offers great cultural richness in terms of heritage. The area has been an important commercial platform since the Middle-Age and also was the first to benefit from a banking network. But Champagne is obviously the source of its worldwide fame. Since 2015, the hillsides, cellars and vineyards have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It will then be your guide’s utmost pleasure to share their knowledge during your Champagne wine tour. You will also visit emblematic places such as the Saint-Pierre d’Hautvillers abbey which has witnessed the life of Dom Pérignon. This illustrious character actually rests in this abbey.


Wine Tour in the Champagne Area

Champagne: an Incredibly Complex Product

All along your Champagne wine tour, you will learn more about Champagne, a world-renowned beverage which today is synonymous for celebration and refinement à la française. However, you will soon learn that it is extremely complex. In order to provide you with a comprehensive Champagne wine tour, your guide as well as the producers will explain the Champagne production process and the different varieties there are. Wine Tour in the Champagne Area: contact Sparkling Tour!

Champagnes differ strongly from one another according to the areas where the grapes grow. There are also subtleties between a Grand Cru and a Premier Cru. Throughout your Champagne wine tour, your guide will explain all these nuances. The Blanc de Blancs, Blanc de Noirs, rosé, vintage, grape variety and combinations for you to grasp all the machinery at work in the making of Champagne. You will feel greatly enriched for having the opportunity to take part in this Champagne wine tour. What’s more, you will have the possibility to taste six to ten glasses of Champagne throughout your visit so you can test the products first hand and notice the differences described by your guide. If you wish, you will also have the chance to buy products directly from the producer.


A Qualified Guide

Sparkling Tour offers a tour with highly-qualified guides. Our lead guide graduated from the ESC Troyes. He has several years of experience as head of client services in two widely-known Champagne cellars. Their passion is on offering you the most pleasant comprehensive experience there is. They will provide a great deal of explanations but also a warm welcome. Indeed, for your wine tour in the Champagne area to be truly unforgettable, your guide will show as much warmth as professionalism. They will make sure you are having a wonderful time.

What’s more, and to guarantee your utmost comfort, Sparkling Tour offers to pick you up at the train station or directly at your hotel with a minivan. You will meet with your guide and start on your wine tour in the Champagne area straight away. Upon completing your visit, they will also drive you back if needed. If you select the full-day option, you will also be granted access to a gastronomic meal. This meal includes starters, a main course, dessert and a glass of Champagne – a sure way to guarantee you fully enjoy your wine tour in the Champagne area.


Tour Program

There are several options to select from so as to accomplish your dream wine tour in the Champagne area. You can choose from a half-day or a full-day tour. The half-day tour lasts for 4 hours and takes place between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. or 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. It will allow you to visit the Saint-Pierre d’Hauvilliers abbey as well as meet with two winemakers. One offers Premiers Crus and the second Grands Crus Champagnes. You will then have the opportunity to taste six glasses of different Champagne. Throughout your wine tour in the Champagne area.

Regarding the full-day option, it is similar to the half-day option with some notable enhancements. First of all, your wine tour in the Champagne area will last eight and a half hours. You will enjoy a gastronomic meal included in the package. You will be offered a total of ten glasses of different Champagnes. In addition to the two winemakers mentioned beforehand, you will meet a third Grand Cru producer.

Finally, you will have the choice between private or semi-private options when doing these wine tours in the Champagne area (Reims – Epernay). The first option will guarantee greater exclusivity. It is then ideal if you want to offer a wine tour in the Champagne area to your partner as a present. For the semi-private tour, you will join an eight-person group with whom you will share this unforgettable moment.


Your Oeno Touristic Route

If you wish to enjoy an exceptional wine tour, get in touch with us. You will experience a pleasant and culturally enriching time. Your visit will be livened up with delicious tasting matched by explanations provided by a friendly and passionate guide. Wine tourism in the Champagne area is one of the most popular given the peerless charm of its flagship beverage. Come and taste a luxury product unique in the world. You will embark upon an unforgettable journey, whether alone, with family or with friends. Thanks to the variety of possible options, you will achieve the wine tour which suits you the best. Sparkling Tour is available to answer your questions.

Do not hesitate any longer and contact us by phone or through our website to finalize your future visit!


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