Private driver in Reims

Are you looking for a private driver in Reims for a visit of the city and its surroundings? In this case, you can contact Sparkling Tour. We offer to take you to the tourist destinations of your choosing for half a day or a full day. What is more, you can choose your own route. You can start by visiting a Champagne cellar, then discover the Cathedral and the Palace of Tau and finish with a tour of Epernay. Otherwise, we also offer pre-designed routes which might perfectly suit you. Either way, get in touch with us to book your private driver in Reims!

Reims: an attractive city

Each year, the city of kings attracts a great many visitors among whom some choose to book a private driver in Reims. This city does have many appeals.

First, the Cathedral is a must-see. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this building is colossal. From the top of its tower, one can admire a sumptuous panorama of the city. Then, there is the Palace of Tau which is home to some of the cathedral’s treasures. The city also offers many museums among which the museum of fine arts, the automobile museum or even Le Vergeur museum hotel. Finally, the widely renowned Champagne cellars are visited by thousands each year.

If you want to discover all these with a private driver in Reims then contact Sparkling Tour!

Reims’s surrounding area

Reims is not the only city to attract visitors. Epernay is also a favored destination. The Avenue de Champagne is worth the journey. This avenue gathers many widely renowned Champagne cellars which you can visit such as Maison Mercier or Maison Moët & Chandon.

26 km away from Epernay, Verzenay is also a tourist destination thanks to its famous lighthouse. To be more specific, the lighthouse is the symbol of a museum which will take you to the heart of the Champagne wine-growing region.

Do you want to visit not only Reims but also the rest of the Champagne area? You can do so with Sparkling Tour which will offer a private driver in Reims.

Private driver in Reims

A range of tour options

Sparkling Tour offers different half-day or full-day tours. You can either choose from our predesigned options or design your own.

Predesigned options

You can choose to book a predesigned route. This way, your private driver in Reims will take you for a half-day or full-day tour through the Champagne area.

Should you choose a half-day option, your tour will start with you meeting a Premier Cru producer. Then, your private driver in Reims will take you to Hautvillers before meeting a second producer of Grand Cru Champagne. Hautvillers is Dom Pérignon’s home village. And each producer will give you the opportunity to taste 3 different types of Champagne. This type of visit either lasts the whole morning, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. or the whole afternoon, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Nevertheless, should you choose the full-day tour, you will also meet three producers and discover Hautvillers. But, after visiting Hautvillers and the first producer, you will enjoy a full lunch at a gastronomic restaurant including starters, main course, dessert and a glass of Champagne. This tour starts at 9.50 a.m. and finishes at 6 p.m. Ask for a private driver in Epernay.

Your tailor-made tour

You can design your own tour should you wish to do so. Your private driver in Reims can take you wherever you want. You simply need to choose the duration of your tour beforehand. It can either last half a day or a full day. The half-day option can either take place in the morning or in the afternoon.

Either way, you will choose your own route. Nevertheless, should you need any suggestions, you can ask Sparkling Tour’s team. As you can imagine, we have an extensive knowledge of the Champagne area so we can help you plan your tour. Once it is designed, our private driver in Reims will take you to the sites of your choosing. Sparkling Tour design your œnotourism and tasting tour in Reims !

Private driver in Reims: why choose Sparkling Tour?

If you are considering hiring a private driver in Reims, you might wonder why Sparkling Tour is a valid option. This is a reasonable question since you want to make the right choice. We are aware that you wish to spend quality time without risking any bad surprise. And this is precisely what we can guarantee.

More specifically, our goal is to offer you a unique and unforgettable tour. You should know that we have received countless dazzling testimonials which perfectly demonstrate the quality of the offered service. Should you be looking for a private driver in Reims, you can fully trust us.

Options suited for a range of occasions

Are you planning a visit of the Champagne area with a group of friends? Will you come to discover it with your family? Or are you planning on travelling across the area as a couple? Whatever the context, you can get in touch with Sparkling Tour. Many clients already called on our services for a variety of occasions. Couples book romantic tours on a regular basis whereas groups often contact us to plan bachelor or bachelorette parties etc.

You should know that we accept all requests, should they aim at exploring the area as a couple or a group. Contact us without further delay, should you have any question. If all is clear, you can book on our website straight away.


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