A private driver in Epernay

Do you want to book the services of a private driver in Epernay? If you wish to go sight-seeing, Sparkling Tour can offer these tailor-made services since it specializes in oenotourism in the Champagne area. Therefore, we have designed half-day and full-day tours taking you to the heart of the Champagne area. In addition, we offer a tailor-made option allowing our clients to design their own tour.

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Epernay: the capital city of Champagne

You might not know that Epernay has been designated as the capital city of Champagne. It mostly owes its recognition to the famous Avenue de Champagne where many widely renowned Champagne cellars such as Moët & Chandon, Mercier, de Venoge, Boizel and Pol Roger are located. Taking a walk on this Avenue is a must-do. Of course, all these Champagne cellars welcome visitors.

Should you need a private driver in Epernay to discover the city, do not hesitate to contact Sparkling Tour.

The city of the kings

As you can imagine, Epernay is not the only tourist destination in the area. Not far from it, Reims is worth going out of your way. You should know that Reims has much to offer as far as culture is concerned. The city holds four UNESCO-listed World Heritage Sites: “Notre-Dame de Reims” Cathedral, the Palace of Tau, the ancient abbey “Saint-Rémi” and the “Butte Saint-Nicaise” or Saint-Nicaise mound. Apart from these four renowned historical sites, there are many other places of interest in Reims such as the automobile museum, the planetarium, the museum of fine arts and the Carnegie library.

Your private driver in Epernay can take you sight-seeing in Reims should you wish to do so.

Epernay’s surrounding area

There are other tourist destinations in the Champagne area very close to Reims and Epernay. We are here referring to Verzenay which is famous for its lighthouse. Verzenay lighthouse is in fact a museum which will allow you to discover the Champagne area as well as Champagne-making secrets. Please note that there are Champagne producers in other municipalities around Epernay.

Should you wish for your private driver in Epernay to take you to less renowned places, that is also possible.

Private driver in Epernay

Champagne cellars

You most certainly have come to the Champagne area to visit one or several Champagne cellars while tasting champagne in Épernay with a guide. Your private driver in Epernay or in Reims will offer to take you there. Each year, many visitors come to the underground galleries of widely renowned Champagne cellars to learn about the secrets of this bubbly beverage and taste it. In Epernay, there are Mercier and Moët & Chandon. In Reims, you will find Mumm and Vranken-Pommery among others. And your private driver in Epernay can take you to other producers in the whole Champagne area.

Sparkling Tour routes

First, you should know that Sparkling Tour offers pre-planned half-day or full-day tours. The tours we have designed allow you to travel to the heart of the Champagne area.

More specifically, the half-day tour includes going to two producers and stopping in Hautvillers, Dom Pérignon’s village. Of course, during the visits to the producers, champagne tasting with departure from Orly are planned. The full-day tour includes meeting with three producers and enjoying 9 different tastings. The route also includes a stop in Hautvillers with an additional gastronomic lunch in a carefully selected restaurant.

Tailor-made routes

If you are looking for a private driver in Epernay, you might want to design your own tourist route. You might want to visit a widely renowned Champagne cellar, to go for a visit in Reims or even to Verzenay Lighthouse. We will then offer a tailor-made option to best suit your needs.

Thanks to their extensive knowledge of the area, Sparkling Tour’s team will provide you with the necessary advice to design your ideal route, should you need it.

Private driver in Epernay: romantic or group tour

Are you planning on visiting Epernay and its area as a couple or a small group? In both cases, you can get in touch with Sparkling Tour to discover the Champagne area with our private driver in Epernay. We can take up to 8 people on board our minivan. But you can also contact us if you’re group gathers more than 8 people. You simply need to contact us by email so we can make the necessary arrangements. For any special occasion such as bachelor or bachelorette parties, you can also require Sparkling Tour services. We will adapt to your needs.

Quality services

You are most certainly looking to hire a reliable private driver in Epernay. You should know that we offer a high-quality service a comfortable vehicle. What is more, we will pick you up at and take you back to your hotel or the train station. A great many visitors were enchanted with the quality of our service and all heap praise on Sparkling Tour. You can find some of these dazzling testimonials on TripAdvisor. See What to visit in Reims area?.

Preparing your tour

Whether you are a couple or a small group, we advise you to plan your visit in the Champagne area in advance. This way, you will have the possibility to book your private driver in Epernay on the date of your liking and do the activities you desire. Remember that, in the event of a special occasion, you can contact us to design your tailor-made tour. Should you have any question, do not hesitate to ask. If all is clear, you can book on our website without further delay.


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