Why should you choose to visit an independent winegrower?

Are you planning to do œnotourism in the Champagne area? If so, you probably plan to visit a renowned champagne cellar such as Moët & Chandon, Mumm or Mercier. But have you thought about visiting an independent winegrower? Let’s find out why you should make this choice!

Discovering the secrets of champagne making

Are you interested in discovering how champagne is made? Look no further than a visit to an independent winegrower. They will explain all you need to know about champagne’s production process as well as the grape varieties involved. This is also how you’ll find out more about the equipment and tools used to make this famous sparkling wine.

Living an original experience

As you might imagine, each champagne house is unique. Each cellar has its own history and uniqueness. The same goes for the identity of each independent winegrowers.

Visiting an independent winegrower means living a unique and original experience, not something you will find elsewhere.

Tasting delicious champagnes

Just like renowned champagne cellars, independent winegrowers offer a tasting of Champagne at the end of the visit. This will give you the opportunity to discover the vintages from the vineyard you’ve just visited.

Small producers know precisely how to create an excellent champagne, so treat yourself to a new and enjoyable oenological experience. There’s a good chance you’ll discover a cuvée you had never come across before.

Why should you choose to visit an independent winegrower?

Meeting with the winemaker or their family

At renowned champagne cellars, visits are generally conducted by guides. But when visiting an independent winegrower, you’ll usually be interacting with them directly, or perhaps a member of their family.

This proximity with independent winegrowers brings an additional interest to the visit since they will share their personal experience, passion, and the history of their vineyard with you.

An opportunity to buy bottles at a good price

At the end of a Reims Epernay cellar visit, you can buy bottles of champagne. Of course, this is both possible at great champagne cellars and independent winegrowers.

Buying directly from the winemaker ensures you benefit from the best prices. And you can even benefit from advice offered by the producer in person.

A tour to take with family, friends or as a couple

Visiting the small producers in the Champagne Area can be done as a family, a couple or with friends. Such an experience will allow you to create new memories and strengthen bonds with your loved ones.

Should you like to visit an independent winegrower, you can contact Sparkling Tour. We offer small group, semi-private and private tours. Contact us for any request!

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