Reims Epernay cellar visit

Do you wish to discover the Champagne area and its unique products? Sparkling Tour team offers you a formidable opportunity to experience wine tourism through Reims Epernay cellar-visit. Our travel agency offers many options which will no doubt allow you to achieve your dream tour. Indeed, a Reims Epernay cellar-visit is the ideal opportunity to taste the finest Champagne wines. It is also your chance to visit the cellars and learn more about the Champagne production process. You will be in touch with friendly and passionate professionals who will make sure you experience an unforgettable moment. => Reims Champagne Tasting !


The Champagne Area with Sparkling Tour

The Champagne area offers an authentic setting for a pleasant educative visit. Through Reims Epernay cellar-visits, you will learn more about the Champagne tradition. Indeed, Champagne, an emblematic product has very rich history and has experienced many changes to reach its current state. Throughout Reims Epernay cellar-visit, your guide will provide all the details of the making of this unique beverage which has become synonymous with celebration and gained worldwide fame. You will also have the opportunity to discover which dish is best matched with your Champagne as well as tasting tips. This Reims Epernay cellar-visit will no doubt be your most memorable wine tourism experience.


A Nice Professional Guide

Whichever option you have selected, Sparkling Tour will do its utmost to make your Reims Epernay cellar-visit a most pleasant experience. Your guide will pick you up at the train station or directly at your hotel with their minivan so you can start your tour. They will then take you to the selected producers, will show you the cellars and lead you to the tasting before bringing you back safely. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy a gastronomic meal – depending on the selected option.

Your guide will do their utmost to make your tour as enjoyable as possible. Our lead guide is extremely qualified – he graduated from the ESC Troyes and has several years of experience as a Champagne sales representative. Your guide, as well as the Champagne producers, will give you a warm welcome. No doubt you will experience one of the most enriching guided tour of your life.


Reims Epernay Cellar-Visit

Reims Epernay Cellar-Visit Options

For you to have the most pleasant experience possible, Sparkling Tour offers several options to choose from. You will be able to visit the Reims Epernay cellar which best suits your wishes. Indeed it can sometimes prove difficult to select which cellars to visit among the more than 6,000 available producers. Thanks to Sparkling Tour and its different options, you will have access to relevant choices and suitable offers for your Reims Epernay cellar-visit.

There is a wide range of options to choose from. You will then be able to find the one which suits you the best. This way, you can choose to do your visit as a group or privately but also choose the duration of the visit. You can pick from a variety of price offerings according to the type of option you wish for. It is even possible to plan a visit for a couple to discover the refined product that is Champagne. No doubt your partner will be delighted! See Private Half-day and Full-day in the Champagne Area.


Half-day Discovery Tour

The Half-day Discovery Tour allows you to take part in a private or semi-private four-hour visit. It is a real opportunity for those who want to enrich their knowledge with fascinating facts while tasting the most delicious Champagnes. You will be able to choose to start you Reims Epernay cellar-visit at 9 a.m. or 2 p.m. In each case, your guide will pick you up to take you to Hautvilliers. Thanks to Dom Pérignon, this village is the birthplace of Champagne. Your guide will give you all the details linked to this historical event. Then, you will continue your Reims Epernay cellar-visit by meeting two producers successively. You will be able to walk around the vineyards, meet the producers and visit the cellars. Upon your Reims Epernay cellar-visit, you will also gain access to tasting a total of six glasses of different Champagnes!


Full-day Discovery Tour

You wish to extend your experience to discover all the secrets of Champagne-making and its history? You can opt for a full-day Reims Epernay cellar-visit! This option is sensibly the same as the half-day option but with a complementary gastronomic meal and meeting with a third producer. You will learn even more about the Champagne method and get a full experience of the Champagne area!

This option will offer you the opportunity to taste no less than ten glasses of Champagne. Each one more delicious than the last. Among the three producers you will meet, two are Grand Cru producers and the third is Premier Cru. Your Reims Epernay cellar-visit will start at 9.30 a.m. and end at 6 p.m. when your guide will drop you at your hotel or at the train station. A three-course gastronomic meal is included. Contact our agency to design your tasting and œnotourism tour in Reims.


Semi-private or Private Options

As well as the length – full-day or half-day – you will have the opportunity to choose the character –semi-private or private – of your Reims Epernay cellar-visit. In the first case, you will join an eight-person group to discover the Champagne area together. This will also allow you to enjoy your tour at a lesser cost. It is also the perfect option to spend a pleasant moment with family or friends.

If you choose a private tour, a minimum of two participants is required to take part in a privileged Reims Epernay cellar-visit. These options are more costly but will allow you to share an unforgettable private moment. For example, it can be an original excursion to take part in as a couple. You will offer your partner a refined and refreshing visit of great authenticity.

Finally, with any other requests, you can contact us directly through our website or by phone. In this way you may, for example, ask us to plan a bigger Reims Epernay cellar-visit involving a greater number of participants. Think about Sparkling Tour Reims !

Do not hesitate to consult our article “How to serve Champagne“. It will explain all the essential rules to delight your guests.


A Unique Excursion in Champagne

Sparkling Tour offers an extraordinary Reims Epernay cellar-visit. Thanks to its authentic character and the charm of its traditions, you will fall in love with the Champagne area. You will walk in magnificent vineyards. You will share charming moments and enjoy spending time with your passionate guide. Come and discover all the secrets of Champagne-making and Champagne tradition! Your Reims Epernay cellar-visit will allow you to share delicious tasting with friends and family. Sparkling Tour has made sure that the producers selected will make you taste high-quality Champagne. If you wish to, you will even have the opportunity to buy Champagne directly during your Reims Epernay cellar-visit. Contact us!



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