Œnotourism and Wine Tasting in Reims

Œnotourism and wine tasting in Reims might be of interest to you. If so, let Sparkling Tour guide you to discover the city of Reims from a new perspective. Should you wish, embark on a private tour to visit the great champagne cellars and other monuments in the city. You will surely have a great time whether on your own, with family or friends or as a couple.

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Reims: a must-see for wine-tourists

Are you planning a trip combining œnotourism and wine tasting in Reims? This city is most definitely a must-see for œnotourists. In addition to offering incredible historical and cultural wealth, the city of Reims is home to several great champagne cellars. This includes Mumm, Taittinger, Veuve Clicquot and Ruinart among many others.

Don’t hesitate to contact Sparkling Tour for a day of œnotourism and wine tasting in Reims.

Sparkling Tour: your guide to the Champagne area

Work with us to plan your half- or a full-day of œnotourism and tasting in Reims. Sparkling Tour is an agency specializing in wine tourism for several years. We can offer different options, allowing you to discover several wineries and taste various beverages.

It goes without saying that you might wish to focus on Reims, but we can also offer to take you out of the city to visit exceptional producers and other locations of interest.

Œnotourism and wine tasting in Reims: a tailor-made tour

Do you want to spend half a day or a full day wine touring and tasting in Reims? Accommodating up to 8 people, our minivan will take you wherever you want to go. With this option, you will be able to design a route of your choosing.

For example, you can start with a visit of the cathedral and the Palais du Tau, continue with a champagne cellar and then a great champagne house.

We will act both as your private driver and guide. This way, we will be able to reveal the city’s many secrets to you.

Visiting Great Champagne Houses

Every year, many travelers come to spend a few days dedicated to wine tourism and tasting in Reims. Indeed, the city of Reims has long been a traveler’s favorite, thanks to its great champagne houses and cellars. Of course, its historical dimension and excitement only make it more attractive.

Are you also interested in wine tourism and tasting in Reims? If so, you can visit various cellars such as Mumm, Veuve Clicquot, Taittinger, Ruinart to name just a few.

You should know that visiting a cellar will allow you to discover the history of its champagne house. But above all, you will learn how the wineyard work, how this sparkling wine is made and understand the whole production process, from the pressing to the dosage. And of course, each visit will end by tasting at least one type of champagne.

Each Champagne House is unique from a historical and identity perspective. You can rest assured that your interest will only grow throughout the experience, even if visiting several cellars.

Contact Sparkling Tour to design your œnotourism and tasting tour in Reims. Together, we will plan an ideal itinerary!

Discovering other tourist places in Reims

Besides wine tourism and tasting in Reims, other activities are possible. Indeed, the city presents many tourist places, which you can also visit. If you come for the first time, the cathedral and the Palais du Tau are two must-sees.

You should know that the Palais du Tau hides some magnificent treasures: various objects dating from the time of the monarchy such as Charlemagne’s talisman, Saint Remy’s chalice or Saint Ursula’s reliquary.

In parallel, we advise you to take a walk on the Place Drouet D’Erlon, in the center of which a magnificent statue called “Glory” stands majestically. Several museums are also worth a visit. If you like art, we recommend the city’s fine arts museum. For car lovers, you should visit the Automobile Museum. And for those who look to the stars, the planetarium is a good option.

Of course, this list of tourist places in Reims is not exhaustive. So, in addition to wine tourism and tasting in Reims, do not hesitate to plan time for these various places.

Whatever the chosen route, you can count on Sparkling Tour to take you from one point to another, offering anecdotes and explanations about the city along the way. Contact us with any request!


Œnotourism and Wine Tasting in Reims


Visit and taste in the best conditions

Do you want to experience an exceptional half- or full-day dedicated to wine tourism and tasting in Reims? If so, do not hesitate to call Sparkling Tour!

By requesting our services, you will be able to enjoy several tastings without worrying about driving back. Thus, you will be able to go from one Champagne House to another in complete safety and comfort. Indeed, during a private tour, your driver will take you everywhere in an air-conditioned minivan accommodating up to 8 people.

Whether as a couple, a family or a group of friends, Sparkling Tour offers you the best conditions for your wine tourism and tasting trip in Reims.

In addition to a warm welcome and comfortable ride, you will also benefit from explanations and anecdotes about the city so you can discover all the secrets of the city of Reims.

A great family experience

Are you interested in wine tourism and tasting in Reims with your family? Then you should know that it is a good way to strengthen your bonds and to create new memories. Sparkling Tour is at your service to help you discover the different tourist places of the city during its private Champagne day tour.

A perfect tour with friends

Why not plan œnotourism and wine tasting in Reims with friends? Such an experience will no doubt deepen friendships with a shared and memorable adventure. At the end of your Champagne tour, this will undoubtedly have brought you closer.

Moreover, note that Sparkling Tour regularly transports groups of friends, some of them simply wanting to discover the area whereas others are celebrating a birthday or a bachelor(ette) party.

A tour for couples

Finally, it is possible to plan your œnotourism tour and wine tasting in Reims as a couple. Aside from an opportunity for discovery, this beautiful experience will most certainly allow you to create new bonds.

Whether for a special occasion or not, Sparkling Tour is at your service for a romantic visit dedicated to œnotourism and tasting in Reims.

Beyond Reims

An œnotourism and wine tasting tour in Reims is quite possible. However, note that the surrounding area is also worth a visit. Taking you to other tourist destinations in the Champagne area is exactly what we can offer you!

Epernay: the capital of Champagne

If you are at all interested in champagne, you should absolutely go to Epernay: this is no less than the capital of champagne. There, you will find the prestigious Avenue de Champagne, almost one kilometer long and lined with great Champagne Houses: Moët & Chandon, Mercier or de Venoge among others.

Discover more in our article “Tourism in Epernay : the must-sees” !

Verzenay and its famous lighthouse

Verzenay is the perfect destination after a wine tour and tasting in Reims and a trip to Epernay. In fact, this village has gained in popularity thanks to its famous lighthouse which overlooks the vineyard.

Note that it is possible to climb the 101 steps of the lighthouse to enjoy a breathtaking view of this ocean of vines and take some pictures. And at the foot of the lighthouse, you can visit the vineyard eco-museum. You will learn more about champagne and its production process. In addition, you can listen to tales and legends about champagne. And end your visit with a tasting.

Hautvillers: the cradle of champagne

As you can well imagine, don’t necessarily limit yourself to a tour dedicated to œnotourism and wine tasting in Reims! You can also go beyond the borders of the city of Reims and visit Hautvillers, a village considered as the cradle of champagne.

This is the village of Dom Pérignon, the Benedictine monk who, according to legend, invented the champagne making process. This way, going to Hautvillers is like walking in his footsteps.

The other villages classified as “Cru”

In the Champagne area, you will find many other villages classified as “Cru”. So don’t hesitate to go there to visit a vineyard, which will end with a tasting.

Sparkling Tour helps you design your own personalized tour. Once the project is complete, we’ll take a drive on the roads of the Champagne area in our minivan.

Whatever your request, whether for a guided tour of the Champagne area with departure from Paris dedicated to œnotourism and tasting in Reims or beyond the borders of the city, contact our team without further delay!

In addition to private tours, we also offer semi-private tours, which could be of interest to you if you want to get to know Reims but also the surrounding area.

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