Tourism in Reims: must-see places

Each year, Reims attracts a great number of tourists from all over the world. The city of the coronation is known thanks to its champagne but also its history. Travelers from every corner of the globe are also attracted to this city’s international events.

Planning on visiting the city of Reims? Sparkling Tour shows you the must-see places: of course, the city center with its cathedral and the Tau Palace. You’ll not regret taking a look at the city’s museums. Another option is to visit a champagne house to discover the secrets of this famous sparkling wine.

The city center

To us, the city center is most definitely worth a visit. While walking the streets of Reims, you’re sure to feel the buzz of the city.

We recommend starting by the Place Drouet d’Erlon, where you’ll discover the winged angel, overlooking the Subé fountain. Of course, several itineraries are possible. For example, your stroll could lead you to the rue de Vesle, to the opera house, to the cathedral…

The cathedral

As you may imagine, the cathedral is one of the city’s must-see monuments. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this gothic style building is quite unique. Its stained-glass windows are truly magnificent. Some of them were designed by the famous painter Marc Chagall. What’s more, you’ll be treated to no fewer than 2,303 statues. And of course, your visit will be steeped in the history of 33 sovereigns crowned in this cathedral. Don’t miss the occasion to admire both its outside and inside since one is as prodigious as the other.

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Tourism in Reims: must-see places

The Tau Palace

After visiting the cathedral, don’t forget to go to the Tau Palace. In the past, it was the palace of the archbishop of Reims and the place where the kings of France stayed during their coronation. Today, it is a museum holding precious treasures. You can admire the chalice of the coronation, Charlemagne’s talisman, and even the reliquary of the Resurrection.

The museums

The city of Reims also has several interesting museums. If you like art, you must absolutely visit the Fine Arts museum located not far from the cathedral. The automobile museum or the Saint-Rémi Museum are also worth a visit.

The Champagne Houses

Every year, many travelers come to Reims for wine tourism and taste Champagne. Indeed, the city is home to several great champagne houses which are all open for tours. Among them are Mumm, Pommery, Ruinart, and Taittinger.

Whatever cellar you visit, you’re sure to discover the secrets of how champagne is made. You will also dive into the heart of the house, offering you an unusual journey that ends with a delicious Reims Champagne tasting.

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