Private Driver in the Champagne Area

Are you looking for a private driver in the Champagne area? Get in touch with Sparkling Tour! We offer to take you wherever you want in the Champagne area. For example, we can take you to the different Champagne cellars but also to Hautvillers, Dom Perignon’s village. You can count on us whatever the selected destination or required itinerary! Contact our team without delay for further information regarding our private driver service in the Champagne area!

Plan your private visit with the widely known Champagne cellars and small producers

Are you looking for a private driver to tour the Champagne area and visit the widely known Champagne cellars or small producers? Sparkling Tour can meet these needs. We offer different options such as the Half-Day Discovery Tour or the Full-Day Discovery Tour. In both cases, you can choose to follow the suggested itinerary. Regardless, you are free to design your own route if you would prefer. This way, you will be taken to the cellars of your choice aboard our vehicle.

Discover other tourist destination in the Champagne area

Of course, your private driver can take you to any other tourist destinations in the Champagne area. The Cathedral “Notre-Dame de Reims”, the Palace of Tau, Dom Perignon’s village or even the Verzenay lighthouse are among the many unmissable landmarks you should visit in the Champagne area. This list is obviously far from being exhaustive. In any case, whatever visit you have in mind, you can ask for Sparkling Tour, your private driver in the Champagne area.

Private Driver in the Champagne Area

A private driver in the Champagne area: many advantages

Requesting a private driver presents various advantages. First, you might not have a car at your disposal or hold a driver’s license. In this case, a private driver will take you wherever you please. Of course, there are public transportation services. Nevertheless, a private means of transportation offers far more adaptability and tranquility. Indeed, public transportation might imply time constraints.

Even if you do have a car or can get access to one, making a private driver in the Champagne area your first choice will be particularly valuable. Indeed, you will suffer no itinerary or driving-related stress. What is more, you will not have to worry about indulging in the local produce since you won’t be driving.

Sparkling Tour will allow you to enjoy the Champagne producers area in the best possible conditions.

Visiting in a minivan

Do you need a driver for several people? You should know that we usually take our passengers on board a minivan with room for up to 8 people. That is why we can meet your needs even if you are a big group. If you are over eight people, still contact us! Indeed, we can also adapt to this type of request. We will make the necessary adjustments according to the size of your group to drive you to the places you selected.

In any case, do remember that our main goal is to provide a high-quality service guided tour.

Surprise and delight for all

We wish to offer you a unique and unforgettable experience. To do so, your private driver will wait on you hand and foot. They will share with you their culture of the Champagne area, something other tour operators cannot compete with.

Sparkling Tour is pleased to have served many satisfied customers. All heap praise on their private driver in the Champagne area and their experience. For further information, consult these dazzling testimonials on Google or TripAdvisor.

This is crystal clear: should you need a private driver in the Champagne area, you can fully trust Sparkling Tour!

Suggested itineraries

Sparkling Tour does not only provide a private driver service, it can also suggest various itineraries. These are original tours which will allow you to discover the charms of the Champagne area.

The suggested half-day tour

If you wish to visit the Champagne area in the morning or the afternoon with your private driver, we can suggest a compatible itinerary. Specifically, your Champagne tour will start with the visit of Dom Perignon’s village: Hautvillers. Then, your half-day tour will carry on with a stop at two producers’. It should be noted that one of them is a Premier Cru producer whereas the second is a Grand Cru producer. While visiting the first producer, you will have the opportunity to learn how Champagne is made before tasting 3 glasses. The second producer will offer three different types of Champagne to taste. Obviously, you are free to opt for a widely renown cellar instead of a small producer.

If you are interested in visiting a widely renown Champagne cellar, your private driver can take you to Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Taittinger, G.H. Mumm or Pommery… And this list is not exhaustive!

The suggested full-day tour

Do you want to dedicate a full day to visiting the Champagne area? Once more, we can suggest a beautiful tour. We offer to leave for Hautvillers at 9.30 a.m. Then, we suggest carrying on with a visit at the first producer’s during which you will be provided with explanations regarding the Champagne production. What is more, you will have the opportunity to taste three different types of Champagne. Afterwards, a delicious lunch will be served in a carefully selected restaurant. Then, the afternoon will consist in visiting two producers’ and tasting six different types of Champagne. Finally, we will take you back to Reims by 6.00 p.m.

Do note that these are only suggestions. Your private drive can take you wherever you want. Please contact us for further information or booking!



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