Wine tourism: from visiting to tasting

Many French people and travelers from all over the world come to the Champagne area every year to experience wine tourism. If you have never been on a wine tour before, you may be wondering how this works. Without further ado, let’s lift the veil on the ins and outs of cellar visits!

First step: visiting the cellar

Are you planning to experience wine tourism in the Champagne area? Whether you visit a great champagne house or an independent winemaker, you will always start with a guided tour of the cellar. Being with a guide will prevent you from getting lost in labyrinth-like cellars; indeed, some of them stretch over several miles. They will also provide a wealth of explanations about the champagne making process.

During your visit, you will discover the grape varieties used to concoct this sparkling wine, learn about the different stages of production, and be privy to the secrets of champagne-making. This will also be an excellent opportunity to admire the facilities.

Visiting a cellar will allow you to learn more about the history of the domain or champagne house. Some wineries play a presentation video while others leave it to the guide.

Wine tourism: from visiting to tasting

Second step: the tasting

Once the visit of the cellar is over, you will be invited to taste one or several vintages from the house or domain. It is customary to select the types of champagne beforehand, when booking your tour.

Once again, your guide will be there to provide insightful information regarding the selected vintage. Feel free to ask them any questions that come to mind! For many wine tourists, the Reims champagne tasting is the best part of the visit: a magnificent moment to collectively enjoy a delicious vintage while conversing: what’s not to like?

Great champagne houses and independent winemakers: a unique experience every time

If you have never visited a great champagne house or an independent winemaker, you might think that all private visits in the Champagne area are the same. Far from it: each cellar and independent winemaker offers a unique experience. There is no way you’ll get bored even if planning several visits in a row.

Each estate has its own history and particularities. Cellars are also different from one domain to another. Moreover, each cuvée has a unique personality. That is why the tasting at one winery will be identical to no other. You can be assured of enjoying a unique champagne tasting day every time.

Let Sparkling Tour organize your wine tour experience

Sparkling Tour offers half and full-day tours especially for those interested in wine tourism. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a semi-private or private package. The private formula offers two alternatives: a pre-established program or a customized one.

Want to find out more? Eager to book a private tour in the Champagne area? Please contact our team for further information!