Private tour in the Champagne area

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Discovering the history of the Champagne area

Found in the northeast of France, the Champagne area is ideally located between Paris and the Benelux, which has contributed to its development over the centuries. That is why, from the end of the 12th to the 14th centuries, it was known for its famous fairs.

After that and still today, its fame has mainly come from its vineyards and the production of the sparkling wine that bears its name. You will certainly discover this local delicacy during your private tour in the Champagne area.

During the two world wars, it was the scene of important battles. That is why the Notre-Dame de Reims cathedral became the “martyrdom cathedral” after its bombing by the Germans. Later, it became the symbol of Franco-German reconciliation. In 1962, Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer attended Mass together there to seal the peace.

Today, the area has numerous commemorative monuments to these events, such as the Dormans Memorial which recognizes the Battles of the Marne.

Why should you take a private tour in the Champagne area?

The local heritage

Taking part in a private tour in the Champagne area will give you the opportunity to discover the local heritage.

For example, thanks to Sparkling Tour, you will be able to visit the city of Reims and its gothic style cathedral. The current Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral dates to the 13th century and is known for being the place where almost all the kings of France were crowned.

An even older monument, Mars Gate, was built in the 3rd century and named after the god from Roman myths. It was originally built to symbolize the greatness of the city of Reims. Later, it was included in the castle of the Archbishops which has been destroyed since.

Castles are another type of monument to visit during your private tour in the Champagne area. We can mention the fortified castle of Sedan, dating from the 15th century and classified as a historical monument.

Car and motorcycle lovers will surely enjoy the visit of the Reims-Champagne automobile museum. Created in 1985 and one of the five largest French automobile museums, it traces the history and evolution of the automobile from the 20th century to the present day. For example, you can learn more about the cabs of the Marne and their use during the First World War.

Finally, a getaway in the mountain of Reims will reveal the full diversity of the fauna and flora from the area. A wooded plateau located between Reims and Épernay, it is home to many animal and plant species. In addition, the wine-producing villages located on said plateau will provide an insight into the traditions of the Champagne area.

The local gastronomy

A private tour in the Champagne area will also lead you to discover the local gastronomic traditions.

Apart from the unmissable champagne, other culinary preparations are famous in the area: Reims’ pink biscuits, Rethel’s white sausage and Troyes’ andouillette – a French sausage made from the intestine of the pork, pepper, wine, onions and seasonings.

Private tour in the Champagne area

Why take a private tour of the Champagne area with Sparkling Tour?

Sparkling Tour will help you organize your private tour in the Champagne area. Thanks to our comfortable mini-bus, we will transport you to the area to discover its history and traditions.

Visiting champagne producers

Do you want to experience something unique during your private tour in the Champagne area?

Sparkling Tour gives you the opportunity to visit the cellars of small champagne producers located between Reims and Épernay.

We can start your private tour in the Champagne area from Reims’ train station. However, we can also pick you up directly from your hotel in the Champagne area or even provide your private tour of the Champagne area with departure from Paris.

During your visit, you will learn more about the history of these independent producers and their vineyards. In addition, you will be able to discover the process of making this sparkling wine in an authentic way.

However, should you wish, a guided tour of the great champagne cellars is also possible upon request.

Champagne tasting

During your visit, you will also participate in a champagne tasting workshop.

Each cuvée has its own aromas and flavors, and you will learn how to recognize them and pair them with different dishes. This way, after tasting champagne in Reims with a guide, you will come to know the best associations and be able to savor each grape variety to its fullest.

Visiting symbolic places

For a complete experience, we also suggest that you visit emblematic places related to champagne.

During your private tour in the Champagne area, you will have the opportunity to visit Hautvillers. This village is where you will find the St. Peter’s Abbey, home of Dom Perignon, who is considered the inventor of champagne.

You will also be able to visit Épernay. Indeed, this city is home to many champagne houses including the most famous Moët & Chandon and Mercier. This way, you will have the opportunity to discover the history of this wine, which owes its name to the area.

For a full immersion in the world of champagne, a stay at the Royal Champagne Hotel in Champillon would be ideal. Located in the heart of the vineyards, you will not only be able to sleep there and taste local specialties, but also relax in its 1,500m2 spa.

A personalized program for your private tour in the Champagne area

Sparkling Tour offers a program tailored to your wishes. Whether you are planning a couple’s trip or an outing with friends, we will design the best option for you.

Depending on your choice, your private tour in the Champagne area will last for either a half-day (morning or afternoon) or a full day.

Are you currently in the Champagne area and wishing to take part in a private tour? Don’t hesitate to contact our team! We will offer a unique tailor-made experience to discover the area.