How do I properly serve pink champagne?

Pink champagne is a select beverage for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and christenings. This sparkling wine is a true luxury product associated with parties and celebrations. But, to offer an optimal taste experience, pink champagne must be served the right way. At what temperature should champagne be served? What food should it be served with? In which type of glass should it be poured? Sparkling Tours gives you the answers to these questions without further delay!

The ideal temperature to serve pink champagne

Just as for wine, to be fully appreciated pink champagne must be served at the right temperature. Of course, everyone can have their own preference on the subject. However, the general rule recommends to cool champagne down to a temperature between 46 and 50°F (8 and 10°C) before serving it.

Note that once it’s been poured, pink champagne temperature will immediately rise. Depending on the room temperature, this increase can be of 35 to 37°F (2 to 3°C). That is why its perfect drinking temperature is between 50 and 57°F (10 and 12°C).

In other words, this wine should be savored cold but not iced since a low temperature makes appreciating its aromas more difficult.

This general rule can vary according to the type and age of the champagne. For example, older vintages can be served between 54 and 57°F (12 and 14°C). The same is true for great vintages. Following the recommendations for the selected vintage is best.

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How do I properly serve pink champagne ?

In which type of glass should pink champagne be poured?

In addition to the temperature, the glass also plays a key role in pink champagne tasting. Indeed, you cannot serve champagne in just any glass. A poor choice could simply ruin your experience.

You may be used to serving champagne in flutes which are a common choice and allow for good bubble preservation. But the narrowness of the flute does not allow you to fully smell the aromas. Now that you know about this, you will agree this is not the ideal choice.

Which type of glass should you serve pink champagne in then? If you were thinking of serving this sparkling wine in coupe glasses, forget it! The flared shape accelerates bubble disappearance which is not desirable.

According to the experts, the ideal option is the INAO tasting glass: a tulip-shaped glass that maintains the effervescence while beautifully revealing the aromas.

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What to serve champagne with?

Of course, pink champagne can stand on its own: there is no need to offer food with this sparkling wine. If you do, you should pay special attention to the pairing. Indeed, a poor choice in this area could mar the taste experience.

Note that there are recommended pairings for each vintage. It is best to follow the advice given for each wine. There are some general principles which you can apply to avoid misaligned associations. Some of them are featured in our article “Food and wine pairing according to a vintage“.

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