Food and wine pairing based on a vintage

Do you want to enjoy your champagne at its best? Then you should know that following the food and wine pairing recommendations is a must. These rules of good taste will not only allow you to truly savor champagne aromas but also those of the dishes paired with it. For example, it is inadvisable to serve an extra brut champagne with a dessert. In contrast, certain pairings reveal the true potential of both beverage and dish. Sparkling Tour gives you some tips on this subject!

To each vintage its recommended dishes

You might know that each vintage encapsulates a specific aromatic signature. In this case, some champagnes give off red fruit aromas while others rather offer citrus ones. Also, the sugar dosage varies from one champagne to another.

That is why there are food and wine pairing. In other words, certain dishes, starters or even desserts are recommended for a given vintage. Conversely, misaligned choices would neither highlight the champagne nor the food.

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Food and wine pairing

What should a low-dosage champagne be served with?

Many vintages contain a low sugar dosage. This is the case for “extra brut” champagnes and some “brut” vintages. These sparkling wines are premium beverages for pre-dinner drinks. You can offer them with savory cakes, taramasalata or caviar toasts.

You can also pour these wines if you plan to serve iodized or fish-based dishes for starters. For example, they perfectly pair with oysters and shellfish.

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How to match a rosé champagne?

There is a wide variety of rosé champagnes. That is why pairings must be considered on a case-by-case basis. These wines can be served with any course, generally speaking. You can uncork a rosé as an aperitif, to go with an appetizer, the main course or even dessert.

Serving your rosé champagne with a goat’s cheese pie or recipes containing sausages or other smoked meats (starters), with a St-Peter’s fish or pike-perch fillet (main course), or even with a slice of strawberry or Ardennes pie (also called sugar pie) would work brilliantly.

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Some suggested pairings for brut champagne

Have you ever bought brut champagne with no idea what to serve it with? You should know that everything depends on its characteristics and sugar dosage. Serving such a vintage as an aperitif or with a starter would be the safest bet. Especially if you are serving iodized foods such as shellfish.

If you’d rather serve your brut champagne with the main course, we recommend poultry. On the contrary, red meat is not recommended as it would overpower the champagne.

What to pair a Blanc de Blancs with?

Are you wondering what to pair a Blanc de Blancs with? This champagne is perfect for pre-dinner drinks. You can serve it with cheese, raw ham, or taramasalata toast. A Blanc de Blancs will also pair amazingly with your starters and dishes featuring fish, seafood, poultry, or white meat.

This is good advice to start with, but we recommend that you learn about food and wine pairings according to each vintage. This will allow you to better appreciate how pairing works.

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