Champagne tasting with departure from Paris

Are you planning a champagne tasting with departure from Paris? Then you can contact Sparkling Tour. We can take you to the Champagne area to discover great champagne houses or independent winegrowers, tastings included. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for a semi-private tour or a 100% private and tailor-made tour.

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The Champagne area: only 2 hours away from Paris by car

Do you want to go on a champagne tasting with departure from Paris? Then, why not go to the Champagne area? As it happens, it is located very close to the capital. Indeed, it only takes 2 hours by car to drive from Paris to Reims.

It is even faster if you take the high-speed train (TGV) from “Paris Est” station: you can be in Reims in 45 minutes.

So, are you ready to come to the Champagne area for your champagne tasting with departure from Paris? If so, don’t hesitate to contact Sparkling Tour!

Sparkling Tour: a wine tourism agency at your service

Of course, you can organize your champagne tasting with departure from Paris by yourself. However, know that Sparkling Tour is at your service to handle all organizational matters!

Sparkling Tour is a wine tourism agency located in the Champagne area. For several years, we have had the pleasure of helping tourists from France and abroad discover the richness of the area. Beyond the classic tourist routes, we offer unique and unusual experiences to get to know the heart of the Champagne area!

Do you want to do a champagne tasting with departure from Paris? We offer several options. Discover them without further delay!

Semi-private visit

If you wish to take part in a champagne tasting with departure from Paris, we can first advise a private visit. Depending on your preferences, such a visit can take place over half a day or a whole day. Depending on the chosen package, you will be able to taste between 6 and 10 glasses of champagne.

Please note that if you decide to register for one of our private tours, you will have to come to Reims by your own means.

Morning or afternoon discovery tour

For your champagne tasting with departure from Paris, you can opt for a morning or afternoon discovery tour. Once you arrive in Reims, we will pick you up at the train station to drive you on the roads of Champagne.

We will start by taking you to a first “Premier Cru” producer for a tour of their cellar and explanations about the champagne-making process and how to serve a rosé champagne properly. At the end of the visit, you will be invited to taste 3 types of champagne.

Second stop: the village of Hautvillers, considered as the cradle of champagne since it is home to the famous Dom Pérignon. This will be the opportunity to visit the church and the Benedictine monk’s tomb.

Next, we will take you for a tour of the vineyard: a great opportunity to admire the magnificent landscape and take pictures and selfies when we make a stop.

Then, you will have the privilege of discovering a second “Premier” or “Grand Cru” producer’s vineyard. They will open the doors of their cellar and offer you 3 tastings.

Please note that you must be at the train station at 8:50 am to take part in our morning discovery tour. We will be back around 1 pm. If you prefer to opt for an afternoon discovery tour, you must be at Reims train station at 1:50 pm and the excursion will end around 6 pm.

Are you interested in this champagne tasting with departure from Paris? Do not hesitate to contact us to register or get more information!

Champagne tasting with departure from Paris

Full discovery day

For your champagne tasting with departure from Paris, we can also suggest a full discovery day. This package includes us picking you up from the station at 9:30 am.

Then, we will drive you to a first “Premier Cru” producer. You will be able to discover their cellar but also the secrets of making the famous sparkling wine typical from this area. To finish, the producer will offer you 3 vintages to taste.

Next, we will go to Hautvillers, the village of Dom Pérignon, considered as the inventor of champagne. There, you can visit the village church and the famous Benedictine monk’s tomb.

After this stop, we will continue with a tour of the vineyard. The landscape and the ocean of vines will amaze you. We will stop at a viewpoint for a little while to immortalize the trip.

It will then be time to sit down at a table in a bistronomic restaurant in Epernay. Your menu will include a starter, a main course, and a dessert. Coffee, water and a glass of champagne are also included.

Once you’ve enjoyed your meal, the program will resume with the visit of two small champagne producers: one “Premier or Grand Cru” and the other “Grand Cru”. After each cellar visit, 3 types of champagne will be offered to you. Finally, we will reach Reims around 6 pm.

Do you want to go on a champagne tasting full day with departure from Paris? Contact us without further delay!

Private visit

For your champagne tasting from Paris, we can also offer you a private tailor-made visit in the Champagne area. In this case, we can pick you up in Paris and drive you wherever you want in the Champagne area. More precisely, you can compose the program of your choice: visiting a great Champagne House, meeting with an independent winegrower, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us to plan your champagne tasting from Paris!