Pinot Noir

Among the countless grape varieties grown in the world of wine, Pinot Noir plays a major role. It is renowned for capturing elegance, complexity, and subtlety in each sip of wine. Its ability to captivate wine connoisseurs makes it a real star. That’s why Sparkling Tour invites you to explore the many facets of this noble and fascinating grape variety.

A grape variety with ancient roots

Originating in Burgundy, France, Pinot Noir is one of the world’s oldest grape varieties. Its fame has stood the test of time, and today it is celebrated as one of the most influential grape varieties in the world of wine.

Its thousand-year history reveals the importance of this grape variety in the creation of exceptional wines. Even more so in the sparkling world of champagne.

Pinot Noir and its inextricable link with champagne

A grape variety of undeniable nobility, Pinot Noir is at the heart of the history of champagne production. Its role is to provide structure, depth, and aromatic complexity to the vintages. Its subtle red fruit, cherry and raspberry aromas blend harmoniously with the other grape varieties. As a result, the blends created with Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier give rise to sparkling wines of extraordinary finesse.

Pinot Noir in the Champagne vineyards

Pinot Noir has a special place in the vineyards of Champagne. This is particularly true of the Reims mountain region, famous for its exceptional Pinot Noirs with a global reputation for outstanding quality.

The secret of this success largely lies in the unique terroir of Reims’ mountains. The sun-drenched hillsides of this area offer ideal conditions for growing Pinot Noir. The chalky soil, gentle slopes and sunny exposure give this delicate grape variety the opportunity to develop its full potential and unique aromatic characteristics.

What’s more, the winemakers in this area are seasoned craftspeople in the art of vinifying Pinot Noir. Handed down from generation to generation, their traditional expertise is a priceless treasure.

Thanks to this harmonious combination of exceptional terroir and local winemakers’ talent, Pinot Noirs from the Montagne de Reims continue to shine on the world wine scene, bringing their unique character and elegance to the production of some of the world’s most sought-after champagnes.

Pinot Noir

The best food and wine pairings

The art of food and wine pairing is culinary alchemy: each wine selection has the potential to enrich or strongly modify the gustatory pleasure derived from a dish. Among the wines that excel in this quest for harmony, you can tell a Pinot Noir by its remarkable versatility. For example, it pairs wonderfully well with a variety of dishes, such as poultry, duck, salmon, mushrooms and soft cheeses.

A tasting day to perfect your knowledge

Pinot Noir is much more than just a grape variety from the Champagne area. It is one of the pillars of this world-renowned wine region. Its influence on champagne production is indisputable, and it contributes to the creation of elegant, refined sparkling wines.

So now, do you want to take a closer look at the subtleties of this grape variety? Sparkling Tour gives you the opportunity to plan a tour of the Champagne area and wine tasting with departure from Paris. What a great opportunity to learn more about this grape variety and enjoy a memorable experience!