Pinot Meunier

The world of wine is a fascinating universe, brimming with unique grape varieties and enthralling stories. Although discreet, Pinot Meunier is a rising star among the produce from this landscape. While less famous than Pinot Noir or Chardonnay, it plays a crucial role in the production of some of the world’s most prestigious wines, most particularly champagne. That’s why Sparkling Tour invites you to find out more about its history and unique characteristics. An opportunity for you to understand why it deserves a special place in the world of wine.

Pinot Meunier: ancient and mysterious history

Also known as “Meunier”, Pinot Meunier gets its name from the fuzzy layer that covers its young leaves and looks like a miller’s flour.

Alongside Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, it is one of the three main grape varieties vetted for French champagne production. It is also the least popular of the three. Nevertheless, Pinot Meunier has an exceptional part in Champagne wine growing.

Full of mystery and tradition, its history is rooted in the twists and turns of time, spanning several centuries. For all its history, local winegrowers have cultivated and perfected it, exploring its secrets and gradually revealing its potential.

Pinot Meunier

A grape variety with distinctive characteristics

A mutation of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier shows distinctive characteristics making it one of the lesser-known starts of the wine world.

Firstly, its bunches of grapes are a deep blue-black color, adding a unique visual touch to vineyards.

It is also more resistant to harsh weather conditions than Pinot Noir. Preferring clay-limestone soils, it is also perfectly suited to the vineyards of the Vallée de la Marne, where it is mainly grown.

Pinot Meunier is remarkably fresh and lively on the palate, offering your taste buds a real explosion of flavors. It also shows fruity aromas such as raspberry and apple.

This combination of freshness and fruity flavors makes it a perfect choice for sparkling wines, providing balance, roundness, and elegance.

Discover all the secrets of Pinot Meunier with Sparkling Tour

Long overlooked, Pinot Meunier is now making a name for itself in the world of champagne. Its contribution to the balance, complexity, and expressiveness of vintages makes it an essential player in the formulation of top-quality champagnes.

Are you a seasoned champagne lover? Or rather new to this world? In either case, a tour of the Champagne area and wine tasting with departure from Paris is the ideal opportunity to discover all the secrets of this mysterious grape variety. Don’t hesitate to contact the Sparkling Tour team to organize a private Champagne day tour! Often undervalued but full of character, Pinot Meunier will reveal its subtleties and magic to you during this wine adventure.